The Benefits of Practicing Yoga for Your Health

Today the world has changed a lot since the COVID -19 pandemic. Some people have adjusted to working remotely for their safety as per government guidelines. Apart from working from home, most people are successfully performing their practices from their homes’ comfort.

What is Yoga?
It’s is an ancient exercise and meditation which has both mental and physical health benefits. Although the practice started a long time along, it is popular today because of the positive unity between mental and physical benefits.

The new world of COVID – 19 pandemic should not excuse you not to live a healthy life because you can perform these practices from your home. The following are some of the best Yoga practices for you to try out.

This is one of the best practices for you to successfully learn how to hold your breath as you balance standing on one foot. To start, you will need to stand and put your legs together. Raising your left leg, slowly place it on the inner upper thigh of the right leg. Balance standing and don’t lean on anything. Press your hands in prayer and hold your breath for ten rounds. Switch the legs and repeat the process. Controlling your breath helps in reducing anxiety.

This is a challenging pose that will help you strengthen your abdominals as you learn to control your breath. From your mat, support your body with both hands and legs but make sure your head is up and the body is sliding down to your legs. Engage your abdominals and ribs in ten deep breaths.

Mountain pose
This practice is simple but with several benefits because it involves many body parts. Stand with your legs together and your palms facing inwards to the body. Move your kneecaps up and down through your inner thighs. Breath deeply as you lift your chest and shoulders inwards.

Now let’s look at the main benefits of Yoga.

Can relieve stresses and anxiety
It’s scientifically proven to reduce stresses by reducing the stress hormone in the body. Reducing stress and anxiety is important because it improves the quality of life. With good mental health, one can be able to live a happier life.

Improves concentration
Spending some time in the morning doing Yoga practices can help you clear your mind. With a clear mind, you can create room for you to concentrate all day long and make better decisions.

Reduces heart diseases
Most heart diseases are associated with excess weight and high blood pressure. Practicing the above poses regularly can reduce anxiety hence healthier hearts.

Sleep well
Some people find it difficult to get quality sleep. Mostly this is caused by insomnia, where you find some people stay awake for long hours due to lack of sleep. Regular exercises can bring positive better results.

Improves mobility and flexibility
From regular practices, you can be able to walk longer distances without getting tired. You can also reduce ankle and back pains. With a more flexible body, you can pose different postures with ease.

Weight loss
Performing simple poses regularly can help burn excess body fats hence reducing weight. Wellness and healthy life should always be your priority.

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