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About the Vanessa Show

The Vanessa Show is your one stop shop for golden nuggets concerning advice, insight and amazing experiences. This lifestyle variety show covers a broad spectrum of topics from the deeply moving to the light-hearted and fun-filled. Vanessa breathes life into every subject matter while gaining the interest and trust from her viewers. Her genuine sincerity and ability to truly connect with people make her show purpose driven, entertaining and intriguing. Vanessa’s daily mantra of “just keep going” is reflected in every aspect of her enticing show and captivating guests.

Being a single mom and having a child on the autism spectrum has taught Vanessa strength that she did not even realize she possessed. Humility, tenacity and positivity allow her to continue growing, moving and most importantly laughing.



Team Members

Vanessa Elise Baker

Host/Executive Producer

Chad Jenkins

Director/Executive Producer

Paul R. Tucker

Executive Producer